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Type of token fall into investors is kind of definition of the strategy and structure of the ICO. The knowledge of the ICO’s type (token) let us make informed financial decisions. Our experienced team will provide you professional services to help choose proper token to type of your ICO.

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  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Management System for Smart Contract
  • Platform with payment for over 70 cryptocurrencies and invoicing for US and EU markets
  • Set up platform on client’s web page
  • Customize technology for each project
  • Rates calculator included
  • Custom and motivation option possibility
  • Customer redirection to client’s agents
  • Special token promotion for ETH users

Below you will find general description of three types of token:

Equity Token

This is an application based on the ethereum smart contract which let startups create stock by initial coin offering. Thanks for the equality token the barrier for any company is much lower to join the financial market and let in easy way accessible any stock trading. The equality token changing also activity role of the shareholders. They can be much more active and participate more transparency way through the blockchain. Several new ICO’s is using the equity tokens and the market for that solution is growing and it is only question of time when the equity token will take main role in the cryptocurrencies financial industry.

Utility Token

Utility tokens is also known as app coins or app tokens, provide users with access to a product or service. For example Initial Coin Offering can provide a decentralised cloud storage service using unused hard drive space. Users will have access trough utility tokens to purchase storage space.

The easy way of supplying the utility tokens is promiscuous for the increasing this market. Consider the fact that SEC not five any official regulations regarding utility tokens the CIO’s industry can feel save regarding current regulations but also they may expect future changes. Is that solution save for the investors? Should they think about allocate their money to ICO with the utility token? Probably yes because the cryptocurrency industry is kind of exchange goods and services without any official institution between and until regulation are out of it our investment is in our hand.

Securities Token

Most tokens are securities since the majority of ICO participants view crowdsales as investment opportunities. Thanks for the security token each of the ICO’s investors have access Through ICOs, investors have access to a wide variety of securities tokens which can be redeem to other assets and defining current financial situation of the investor includes revenue. This type of token is a broad classification as a kind of tradable asset by many countries. Currently the security tokens are the subject to SEC securities regulations in the USA. Probably similar situation will happen soon in other countries like: Switzerland, Singapur or Gibraltar.

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