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You need to be sure that your ICO is safe for itself and for investors. We have international experience in digital money regulations and engaging ICO in different locations. Our team of legal experts will help you prepare and make live your project.

Our Services

Review the final versions of:

  • Whitepapers
  • Web pages
  • ICO announcement

Preparation of all necessary legal documents:

  • Terms of use
  • Privacy policy
  • Warranties and disclaimers
  • Risk factors description
  • Advisory agreement
  • lead generation agreements
  • Token purchase agreement
  • Legal advice on the token sale
  • Legal opinion on the project
  • Law firms referrals adequate for the location of the client’s company
  • Service provider referrals

Legal advice for the US, EU, and other regulations:

  • Reviews project documentation
  • Review or preparation legal documents
  • Ongoing legal advice
  • Recommendation of a jurisdiction for client’s project

for client’s projectLocation :: Where to engage ICO? :: Jurisdiction

The most important choice is the location (legal) of you ICO. On one hand, you will have to choose jurisdiction for your Initial Coin Offering from Singapore, Hong Kong to Switzerland and Gibraltar. But the second hand is more important – a compliance perspective.

The Agreement for and on behalf of your company must be compliant with the jurisdiction. Take a moment to think about that. Look at details on each market using the perspective of your idea for ICO. When writing your agreement be sure that have done all required provisions of law within the country you have registered your business in.

Exit strategy :: ICO Agreement :: Initial Coin Offering flexibility

Don’t forget about a getting out clause in your agreement. Other way you and all investors will be burned. You should create a separate agreement which will control business after your ICO will be over. Whatever will happen you should be ready for changes and prepare options for relocation of your business or just transfer an agreement to the new structure. Don’t forget about it because of reputation and also because there are so many authority offices which without clear rules in your agreement let you make anything more in the future.

Use a ICO law office :: ICO legal :: best for create ICO

Don’t forget one important rule. You should use local legal experts to engage your ICO. Don’t forget that programmers codes and ideas will not protect you against unexpected situations and specific regulations. Of course, always ask about costs. Your Initial Coin Offering will have budget mostly dedicated for development and marketing and not too much will stay for the legal aspects of your ICO.

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