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Making promotion of your ICO is not so easy and it is the main part of each ICO project. Latest information shows that old and new (digital) media reacting on strong and aggressive promotions of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and ICO. How to set up and promote an ICO is our core business knowledge. Based on our multi industries experiences our team offer for your project:

Our Services

Marketing Business Analyse (MBA) review of a business model:

  • token model choice
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing consultations
  • ongoing Marketing review
  • preparation and implementation key words and targets
  • budgeting

Social media marketing and promotion campaign and activity:

  • cooperate with social media
  • preparation development story and to achieve maximum target coverage dedicated publications
  • news, topics and ongoing development progress information prepared together with the client
  • preparation and distribution all press releases and media alerts;
  • media research for maximizing coverage
  • media analysis based on an agreed period of time;
  • preparation and ongoing publication Youtube channel with its connection with ICO groups
  • ongoing information about ICO list of clients in all social media
  • SEM and SEO activity for all social media activity.
  • preparing the web page for a client’s ICO (optionally multilingual)

ICO digital marketing :: Website :: ICO www :: Initial Coin Offering webpage

Project of your website is the most important issue. In Internet you may find many informations and pages about blockchain technology and new Initial Coin Offering and all of them changing financial industry.

What is wrong in most of them? ICO team preparing detailed White Paper include all necessary analyses and solutions. Over 50 pages of professional work – in PDF file. No one is thinking about readers and internet search engines.

The website should show the purpose of the project and the achievable results – all simply and nearly way. It will help any reader to find information and understand project. The webpage should includes vague world for ICO and project.

During preparation of the White paper you should think about the reader. You can’t be expert explain all steps simply way as for your child or other family member. Don’t write long texts (who is reading it now?). Always wear shoes of your investors and try to explain all your ideas understandable.

ICO marketing campaign :: ICO promotion :: Initial Coin Offering marketing

Any information and marketing material you will have are the most important during pre-ICO and ICO phase of your activity. Be detailed and clarify for your potential investors and don’t forget about any technological advantage. All your material print and online should be coherent and transparent for clients. For potential investors details are important and detail are creating difference in their decision buy ICO or not. Any misunderstanding or not clarify information for investors will block your selling when the time of serious investors will come. Then once again check carefully that all technical issues are explained and you idea for business is described simply and understandable.

ICO marketing plan :: ICO launch service :: ICO marketing agency

To achieve a large response you shouldn’t just try or use your feelings about it. Make test Prepare pre test and just try on smaller audience. It will show you possibilities and let you define necessary changes. Start for social media with description of your project . It can be an article touching an idea. It let you save a lot of money for main marketing and promotion activity.

ICO marketing guide :: Initial Coin offering direct marketing

You should use a special calendars for making an announcement for all potential investors of your ICO who started to follow you. It will make communication much simpler and let you stay in touch with all who can an opportunity. There are many resources publishing planned ICOs schedules. You should be sure that you finding most of them and don’t forget to describe next steps information in all of them.

ICO digital marketing :: ICO marketing cost :: Initial Coin Offering budget

Don’t forget that be in all necessary online media is not possible. It costs time and money and gives results after many months. Then planning in advance the promotion of your ICO is not possible. Native advertising should solve it. But ICO needs many of placements and mostly it cost too much for small startup teams. Then you should use PR automation as the best way to optimize the results. Now we have services finding media and audience with proper analysis and related to your budget.

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